The corporate charter of Northern Magic Agility Dogs (NOMAD) states NOMAD’s purpose:

“Educating the public about humane training and treatment of dogs through the sport of dog agility, and promoting the human-canine bond. Every NOMAD activity shall be open to all dogs with appropriate training.”

NOMAD members receive a monthly newsletter and may participate in weekly NOMAD practice sessions at various locations. NOMAD practice sessions are open to all dogs that have completed 12 weeks of agility training, or the equivalent, and have a working familiarity with all standard agility obstacles. All NOMAD members are invited to attend NOMAD agility demonstrations and seminars, and are expected to volunteer time setting up and maintaining equipment and helping with NOMAD’s trials and other activities. Members are encouraged to join NOMAD’s listserv to keep up-to-date on news and activities. Here are the forms you need to become a member of NOMAD:

Membership Application – 2022

Dog Information Form – 2022

NOMAD Bylaws

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