NOMAD Events

Camp NOMAD 2017

Instructors Laura Dolan and Monique Plinck
Farrs Field, Waterbury, Vermont – June 3 – June 4, 2017


Saturday 9–5: Novice/Intermediate with Monique Plink.
Saturday 9–5: Advanced/Masters with Laura Dolan.
Sunday 9–5: Novice/Intermediate with Laura Dolan.
Sunday 9–5: Advanced/Masters with Monique Plinck.

Groups of 10 teams per session.
Each Saturday/Sunday group will have a full day with one instructor with a one hour lunch break. Lunches and dinners are on your own.

Cost for Members:
Saturday and Sunday $250. Free auditing for NOMAD members.
Cost for Non-members: Saturday and Sunday $300.

March 27, 2017: Opens for Nomad members.
April 17, 2017: Opens for Non-members.
Closing date: May 8, 2017.

More information and Seminar Registration.


Upcoming NOMAD Trials

August 19 – August 20, 2017
Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, Vermont
Judge – Bernadette Doyle, Joliet, IL

Saturday: Jumpers, Hoopers 1+2, Chances, Regular 1+2, Touch N Go, Tunnelers
Sunday: Tunnelers, Barrelers 1+2, Weavers, Regular 1+2, Chances, Jumpers

Pre-Entry Closing Date: Wednesday August 9.
Premium available at NAE or here.

August 25 – August 27, 2017
Farr Field, 2201 Bolton Road (U.S. Route 2), Waterbury, Vermont
Judge – Mike Conroy, Kearny, NJ
Corrected premium is available here.